Because of its success over time, pizza has become one of the most commonly eaten foods in the world.

The great demand of the market did lose the traditional preparation technique of pizzas leavened dough up to 48 hours and made with high quality ingredients.

Thanks to our neapolitan pizza-makers of Figo, we can discover the authentic flavor of pizza.

The right processing methods and the best raw materials are the main ingredients of our way of working.


Born in U.S.A. and now replicated all over the world, the hamburger is one of the most popular food on the International market.

Figo has given much importance to the ingredients of our burgers; consequently we  have created our bread recipe, in order to make it softer and digestible, pleasant to touch and beautiful to look.

We use a large part of cereal flour mixtures having grains of biological origin, and a mother yeast (lievito madre) having more than 40 years.

The selection of these ingredients is based on their quality, their flavor and their provenance, in order to make each burger unique.


The japanese cuisine is more and more than in the past among the most requested in the world.

Figo offers its delicious sushi interpretation, in which aesthetics and flavor come together to make the result excellent.

Our chefs have refined their technique making each dish of their menu perfect to be seen and to be tasted, enhancing the colors, the presentation, the combinations and, of course, the taste.